Apple Watch Series 4 Unboxing

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Apple Watch Series 4 is available now with bigger displays and new ECG heart monitoring sensors. The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet checks out the new smartwatch in this unboxing video.

Here's the Best Apple Watch Series 4 Size Comparison

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Just how big will you new Apple Watch Series 4 be compared to the Apple Watch you already have? Allison Sheridan from the NosillaCast podcast did the math because she’s really frakking smart. Turns out the new 40mm model’s display area, which replaces the 38mm model, is 35% bigger and actually 2% bigger than the old 42mm’s display. The 44mm display is 32% bigger than the screen on the 42mm model it replaces. She also did the math for pixel density, case dimensions, and more. Check out her comparisons so you’re ready when your new Apple Watch shows up on Friday.

Here’s the Best Apple Watch Series 4 Size Comparison

A New iPhone and New Apple Watch Set Up Guide

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iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3

So you’re getting a new iPhone soon. And maybe a new Apple Watch as well. Getting your devices properly set up can be confusing, so John has put together a new iPhone and new Apple Watch set up guide to make sure everything goes smoothly.