AWS4 Love, Design Meets Science, Apple's PG TV Dreams - ACM 481

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Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet can’t get enough of Apple Watch Series 4, even though Jeff is wrong about the Infograph Watch Face. They also find it interesting that a designer got recognized by the world of science, and they weigh whether or not Apple’s plan to avoid sex, violence, and politics with its original TV shows will hurt its streaming service.

Apple Buys Global Rights to 'The Elephant Queen' Documentary

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Apple has purchased the global rights to documentary The Queen Elephant, according to Deadline. This film is about an elephant clan led by Athena. That’s her with the giant tusks. 😍 The documentary was filmed by Victoria Stone and Mark Deeble, who spent years with Athena’s family, as she coped with a drought. It sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to see it. Apple hasn’t said when it will be released, but one might imagine it will be part of whatever original streaming service the company has been cooking up for the last few years.

Apple Buys Global Rights to ‘The Elephant Queen’ Documentary

Apple Interface Consistency, Storage Permutations, Walmart Streaming Video - ACM 471

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In this age of different devices and platforms, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet talk about the lack of consistency in Apple’s interfaces compared to the days when “Apple” meant “Mac.” They also go over some listener feedback (read criticism) about their rant last week on Apple’s storage pricing for new MacBook Pro models. Lastly, they discuss whether not Walmart can make a go in the streaming video market, and how that might actually work.