10 Arduino IoT Projects for Beginners

Got an itch to start tinkering with Arduino, but want it to be something useful? As I explained on Apple Context Machine, Arduino is a microcontroller that lets you do just about any task you can find parts and write code for. A great way to get started and have it mean something is with a project that helps your daily life. One way to achieve both is with an Internet of Things (IoT) project. There are hundreds of tutorials on building with Arduino. Some are useful, some are just cute and/or fun. This MakeUseOf article highlights 10 Arduino IoT projects perfect for beginners. From monitoring your plants’ health to reminding you when it’s time to take your medicine (and even dispensing a glass of water to wash the pills down), these Arduino IoT projects will get you on the right path. There’s even a tutorial on building your own automated pet feeder.

Add Wi-Fi Logging to Your IKEA Air Quality Sensor

If you want to keep an eye on the air quality in your home, you can’t go wrong with the IKEA VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor. It only costs $12, and uses colored LEDs to tell you the relative air quality in your home. Maker Sören Beye has extended the capability of the sensor even further, enabling Wi-Fi logging of the data. All you need, in addition to the air quality sensor, is an ESP8266 microcontroller, a couple short jumper wires, a soldering iron, and a long PH0 screwdriver. Oh, you don’t even have to program it yourself, because Beye provides that along with full instructions on Github. It’s a fair bit less expensive, and more fun, than just buying something like the Airthings Wave Mini.Arduin

Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle: $19.99

We have a big  bundle of ebooks for you on Arduino today from The Make called the Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle. With 15 different titles in the bundle, topics range from getting started to project-specific books, to more advanced topics, too. You can see the full list (with descriptions) in the deal listing. This bundle is $19.99 through our deal.