5 More Videos Showing ARKit 1.5 in Action

· Jeff Gamet · News

AKRKit 1.5 demonstration videos

Developers are hard at work exploring ARKit 1.5 in the iOS 11.3 beta and more of their demo videos are showing up online. We found some more on YouTube highlighting vertical plane detection and object recognition for a more immersive augmented reality experience.

ARKit 1.5 Demos Showing Up Online

· Jeff Gamet · News

ARKit 1.5 demo videos

iOS 11.3 developer beta has been out for a few days and we’re seeing some ARKit 1.5 examples showing up on YouTube and Twitter.

App Store ARKit Enabled Apps Top 2,000

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augmented reality examples in iOS 11 ARKit

In the four months iOS 11 and its ARKit have been available, more than 2,000 apps using the augmented reality feature have been released on the App Store.