You Won't Believe How Real This Food Looks in an ARKit Demo Video

Check out this ARKit demo for a menu app called Kabaq. The idea for the app is that a restaurant builds their menus to show customers what their food would look like on the plate in front of them. And wowza, does it look real! At least in this demo video. AppleInsider found it, along with another great ARKit video, and they noted the developers see cookbooks using their technology, too. Either way, it’s a much more practical application of augmented reality (AR) than the games that have dominated early exposure so far. This app is made possible by ARKit in iOS 11, which is expected to ship in September.

Watch All of the ARKit Demos We Can Find in one Place

ARKit, Apple’s answer to augmented reality (AR) on iOS, has become tremendously popular already. Folks have posted quite a few ARKit demos on YouTube since Apple’s announcement of of the software development kit¬†at WWDC 2017. We’ve covered many of these demonstrations in previous articles. This morning, though, I needed a YouTube playlist of them for an article at AppAdvice about IDC’s report that Augmented and Virtual Reality are going to see some serious increase in revenues. Not finding one, I decided to create my own. Since I love all of you, I decided to share that YouTube playlist with you. Without further ado, here it is. We will add to it as more ARKit demonstrations come on our radar.