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Aura Digital Picture Frame Does Some Smart Stuff

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

At Pepcom on Thursday, I checked out the Aura Digital Frame. The company has a new frame design by Jonathan Adler (shown below), and it looks great, but the reason I decided to write about this device is because of all the smart stuff Aura is doing. Photos are managed from an app (iOS and Android), which goes through your camera roll for you. Using machine learning, the app does a bit of facial recognition, and it also looks for (and excludes) naughty pics. That’s smart. It can then upload photos to your Aura Digital Frame, or maybe the Aura you gave your mom so she can get her grandkid fix. Better yet, image transmission is encrypted. The Retina display is 2048 x 1536 with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and it includes ambient light sensors which are used to adjust the image being displayed for your relative conditions. The device shuts down in the dark, and you can choose how fast pictures on your Aura cycle through. For instance, I think I’d probably set mine to change them just once per day, but perhaps you’d want to have them cycle through every few minutes. Lastly, you can control Aura with hand gestures. That’s a lot of tech for a picture frame, and the device costs $399. To give you a bit of insight, I approached the company’s booth more out of politeness than anything, but the features, security mindfulness, specs, and the finish of the Jonathan Adler design was what got me to write it up. It’s pretty darned cool.

Aura Digital Picture Frame Does Some Smart Stuff

Cognitive Systems Announces Aura Home Monitoring System

· John F. Braun · Product News

Cognitive System recently announced a system that takes a unique approach to monitoring and securing your home. The Aura system uses radio frequencies to detect motion rather than the optical detection used in most systems.