Cars With Dashboard Screens are the Next Frontier for Ads

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Paywalled article from the Wall Street Journal. If advertisers could beam ads directly into our brains so there was zero chance of escaping them, they would absolutely do it. We don’t have that capability yet, so meanwhile dashboard screens in your car are the next frontier.

On future screens, local restaurants, doctors’ offices and other services could target ads based on typical driving routes. An insurance company could offer lower rates for cautious drivers, while car makers could use system data to offer service on an aging part before it blows. Some envision a world where users could start watching a TV show at home, then with a voice command continue watching the same program in the car. Others are working on allowing users to order and pay for gasoline and coffee on their screens.

Dride Zero is a Dashcam with a Share Button

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Dride Zero is a high resolution dashcam with a share button. It’s only 4.9×1.5×0.6 inches, making it the smallest connected dashcam on the planet. Its two lenses and can record videos at 1440p 30fps, and 720p at 60fps. It also has GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity which lets it connect to the Dride app and Dride cloud. Pressing one button will instantly upload your video to the cloud, and you can opt to share it with other users, as well as see the videos of other people too. The dashcam has crash sensors, which will prompt it to automatically upload video footage upon impact. Currently Dride Zero is available on Kickstarter starting at US$89, and the current estimated delivery is April 2019.

Dride Zero is a Dashcam with a Share Button