Why I Won't Be Buying a 4K/UHD Blu-ray Player

· John Martellaro · Editorial

John, who often obsesses over all things video, made the leap to 4K/UHD TV long ago. But he’s not making the leap to a 4K/UHD Blu-ray player. He tells us why.

What You Need to Know: 4K/UHD/HDR Blu-ray Players

· John Martellaro · Link

Digital Trends writes:

While streaming is obviously more convenient for most of us, anyone who wants the best possible picture and sound quality for their home theater needs Ultra HD Blu-ray. The format offers more stability and better fidelity than streaming, and it’s a pretty significant leap forward from 1080p HD Blu-ray, too

This is a really well-written article and covers a lot of ground.

The State of Streaming Video vs. Blu-ray Discs

· John Martellaro · Analysis

Video on DVDs became wildly popular around the turn of the century. Blu-ray in 2008 got off to a slow start and never really replaced DVDs. Now, 4K Blu-ray is faltering even more. Its fate is examined.

Want to Buy a Giant Library of Blu-rays, DVDs, and Laserdiscs?

· Jim Tanous · Cool Stuff Found

Apple’s planned improvements for the Apple TV make it a great streaming device for an increasingly all-digital age, but if you’re intent on sticking with physical media, you can pick up an incredible collection of more than 21,000 UHD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD, DVD, Laserdisc, VHS, and even Beta films on eBay and never need to communicate with the outside world again. It will cost you $1 million but, hey, free shipping!

Want to Buy a Giant Library of Blu-rays, DVDs, and Laserdiscs?

How do I choose a UPS? – Mac Geek Gab 646

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

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Spring is almost here for the northern hemisphere, and that means it’s almost lightning season. It’s time to talk UPSs and battery backups. Listen as John and Dave talk through all the permutations you’ll need to know to choose the right UPS for your setup. On top of that, a few things in Cool Stuff Found, solving mailbox syncing problems, and a deep discussion about how to rip movies and then to get them onto your iPhone or iPad!

Netflix DVD Subscribers Can Now Manage Their Queues With a New iOS App

· Jim Tanous · News

netflix dvd app ios

Streaming video may be all the rage, but Netflix is still shipping DVDs and Blu-rays to more than 4 million customers. Now those physical disc hold-outs can manage their queues and keep up-to-date with new releases on the go with an iOS app.