Blue Microphones Launches Compass, a Boom Arm Big Enough Even for a Yeti

Blue Microphones announced Compass, a microphone boom arm that’s big enough that it can even support a Yeti, as shown in the pic. Made from extruded aluminum, Compass features a desk clamp for mounting, and the arms have both internal springs and built-in cable management. With the right mount or shockmount, Compass supports mics that weigh up to 2.4 pounds, including the above-mentioned Yeti, as well as Blue’s Blackout Spark SL. It will, of course, support other mics, including podcasting favs Heil PR 30 and PR 40, as well as the Rode Podcaster, all three of which weigh less than 2.4 pounds. Blue’s Compass boom arm is priced at $99.99, and it’s available now. There’s also a Yeticaster Bundle, which includes Blue’s Yeti, the new Radius III shockmount for Yeti, and Compass, for $199.99.

Blue Ships 'Satellite' Wireless Headphones with Built-in Amp

Blue Microphones shipped Satellite, wireless, over-the-ear headphones with a built-in analog amplifier. Satellite was announced at CES, where I was more focused on the wired Sadie and Ella models also introduced. Satellite is the company’s entry into premium wireless headphones, and they feature Bluetooth 4.1. They’re also foldable and support the Apt-X audio codec. Apple isn’t currently supporting Apt-X, but some Android devices do. I haven’t tested Satellite, but I’m a big fan of Blue’s other high-end over-the-ear headphones. Jeff Butts will be reviewing these for us, and I look forward to hearing what he thinks. Satellite is available now for $399.95.

Blue Microphones Launches Sadie Headphones, Ella Headphones with Planar Speakers

LAS VEGAS – Blue Microphones announced two new high-end headphones at CES, Sadie and Ella. Sadie is essentially the next iteration of the company’s Mo-Fi headphones that I like so much. Sadie dumps the tension controls in the top band to make them lighter, and the company lightened and tightened other physical elements of the design, too. The company told me the sound profile has been tweaked, too, but until I can test them out, I won’t offer any judgement. Sadie is priced at $399.99. Ella features planar magnetic speakers, but Blue says they’ve been tuned to deliver both the detail inherent to planar magnetic speakers and the kind of impact you get from dynamic drivers. Ella also features the swing arm and hinged band that makes the Mo-Fi (and Sadie) headphones such a pleasure to wear. Ella is priced at $699.99. I’ll be covering these headphones in more detail when I review them. In the photo below, Ella is in the foreground, while Sadie is in the background.