Apple Calls on EU to Stop Patent Trolls

· Charlotte Henry · News

European Union flag

Apple, working alongside Microsoft, BMW, and others, has urged EU Commissioner Thierry Breton to take action against patent trolls.

BMW No Longer Charges for Apple CarPlay

· Andrew Orr · News

BMW originally charged its customers a US$300 lifetime fee to use Apple’s CarPlay. Now the manufacturer has eliminated the fee.

BMW Owners Suffer ConnectedDrive Outage, Affects CarPlay

· Andrew Orr · Link

Ford CarPlay is here for 2016 models.

Some BMW owners have suffered a ConnectedDrive outage, and it affects CarPlay.

What seems to be happening is that because of the ConnectedDrive outage, cars are unable to confirm that users have paid for the CarPlay option in their vehicle. Because the car can’t make that authentication, BMW owners have no access to CarPlay, nor the other ConnectedDrive features.

BMW has purportedly acknowledged the ConnectedDrive outage to customers, but has yet to comment publicly or offer any sort of timetable on when the issue might be resolved.