Why not having an offsite backup is not an option…

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Our own Dr. Mac created a public service announcement he calls, “Why not having an offsite backup is not an option…” It’s 90 seconds long and makes an excellent point,  so ignore it at your own peril…

Bob LeVitus Doesn't Want You Buying the Paperback of Working Smarter for Mac Users

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So my old friend Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus made a paperback version of Working Smarter for Mac Users, but he doesn’t want you to buy it. Weird, right? He has his reasons, though, and he made a video (with some cheesy help from yours truly) explaining why. Check it out. And if you haven’t already checked out Working Smarter for Mac Users, you should. I edited this book, and it’s amazeballs. It’s chock full of both Mac productivity tips and Dr. Mac’s techniques for overcoming procrastination. But unlike other productivity systems I’ve read, Bob’s focus is less about “do these things” than it is, “here are different things to try, and here’s how to think about them so you can pick what works for you.” It’s on Amazon ($19.99 Kindle, $29.99 Paperback), iBooks ($19.99), or direct from Bob (where’s a coupon code at the bottom of the page). In the meanwhile, enjoy Bob’s video!

The iPhone at Age 10 (Which is Roughly 60 in Dog Years)

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original iPhone and birthday cake for 10th anniversary

The iPhone turned 10 last week (that’s roughly 60 in dog years). In this week’s Rants & Raves column, Dr. Mac  takes a brief look back upon the 14 iPhone models introduced so far and the new features each one introduced.


Unsubscribe, Unsubscribe Again, and then Unsubscribe Some More

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Unsubscribe from Email Lists

In this excerpt from Working Smarter for Mac Users, a new eBook by Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, he says It takes time to read the subject line of a message, and it takes more time to open a message and scan its contents. So when you get mail from a commercial entity, a list, store, or group, you should ask yourself, “do I ever read these?” If the answer is “no,” or even “maybe,” look for the unsubscribe link (usually at or near the end of the message) and click it.


Bob LeVitus's 'Working Smarter for Mac Users' Available Now [Update]

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Working Smarter for Mac Users cover

Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitus released a new book Tuesday, Working Smarter for Mac Users. It’s a productivity book specifically written for Mac users, and it combines Bob’s own techniques for overcoming procrastination with his decades of learning how to get the absolute most out of his Mac. [Update: Working Smarter for Mac Users is now live on iBooks. – Bryan]

Bob's Productivity Book, CIA iPhone Hacks, the Home Hub We Want - ACM 401

· Bryan Chaffin & Jeff Gamet · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Logo

Bob LeVitus joins Bryan and Jeff to talk about his new book, Working Smarter for Mac Users. They talk about why Bob wrote it and the things Bryan learned from editing it. They also talk about the CIA iPhone hacks leaked to Wikileaks and the home automation hub they wish they could buy.