Audiobooks on Macs – TMO Daily Observations 2020-05-07

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Charlotte Henry joins host Kelly Guimont to walk through how to listen to your audiobooks on a Mac, both from Audible and from Apple Books.

How the Internet Archive Makes Wikipedia More Reliable

· Andrew Orr · Link

Many of Wikipedia’s citations are from books, and to check the book citation against the article requires that you hunt down the book. But now the Internet Archive is making the process easier.

Now, thanks to a new initiative by the Internet Archive, you can click the name of the book and see a two-page preview of the cited work, so long as the citation specifies a page number. You can also borrow a digital copy of the book, so long as no else has checked it out, for two weeks—much the same way you’d borrow a book from your local library.

A Paper Book is Better Than an eBook for Kids

· John Martellaro · Link

Kid reading a paper book.

It’s just one study, but it feels right.

Researchers find that toddlers verbalize and interact more with their parents when reading sessions feature print books, not tablets.

I think many of us suspected that the tactile feel of a paper book stimulates a child better than a digital display. Here’s some evidence that it’s true. (Image credit: BigThink.)

New App Mister Lister Lets You Make and Rate Lists

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

A cool new app called Mister Lister lets you make lists out of anything, and rate items. From restaurants to movies, if you can think of it, you can rate it. Need more detailed reviews than just an overall rating? Split up your ratings into weighted categories. Want a movie list but want to split by genre, tag your movies. Have some extra notes about that restaurant you ate at, write them down. This sounds like a cool app to me, sort of a personal Yelp. It sounds great for people with hobbies like keeping track of your favorite wine, beer, coffee, books, etc. You can then share your lists with friends to rate things together. App Store: Mister Lister: Free

New App Mister Lister Lets You Make and Rate Lists

World Book Day: TMO Reading Suggestions

· Jeff Gamet · News

World Book Day

It’s World Book Day, so Jeff hung around the TMO water cooler and asked whoever came by to give me suggestions on something cool to read.

The Secret History of the iPhone Isn't So Secret Anymore

· Jim Tanous · Cool Stuff Found

The highly anticipated and controversial new book about the development of the iPhoneThe One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, is now available. Initial reviews reveal that the book isn’t the “complete” history of the iPhone that most were expecting, but that it does provide a number of new stories and insights about the inner workings of Apple and the relationships between the company’s executives and its partners during this crucial time in Apple’s history. Early press excerpts from the book caused some controversy, and its release was timed perfectly with last night’s interview with ex-iOS chief Scott Forstall. Check it out now at Amazon, or download the Kindle or iBooks versions to start reading right away.

The Secret History of the iPhone Isn’t So Secret Anymore

Hey Quark Fans, Check Out QuarkXPress for Dummies

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

It’s been a while since a quality QuarkXPress book came out, so my long time friend and graphic design expert Jay Nelson stepped up to the plate with a QuarkXPress for Dummies. Jay explains print and digital publishing workflows, color management, image resolution, fonts, output formats, and more. He also explains the evolution of QuarkXPress, which is great for understanding how it went from being the premier desktop publishing tool to the more specialized product it is today. QuarkXPress for Dummies is available now on Amazon for US$34.99.

Hey Quark Fans, Check Out QuarkXPress for Dummies

Find Everything You Want to Read on NPR's Book Concierge List

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Staying on top of all the great books coming out is pretty hard, which is why we’re glad when NPR’s Book Concierge list comes out each year. The 2016 list is out with more than 300 titles worth checking out. The book suggestions are divided into categories such as Biography & Memoir, Eye-Opening Reads, Kids Books, Funny Stuff, and more. Be sure to check out Staff Picks for a great go-to list of book suggestions. Each title includes iBooks and Amazon, local library, and independent book store links so you don’t have to go hunting. Links to previous Book Concierge lists are there, too, in case you want even more suggestions.

Find Everything You Want to Read on NPR’s Book Concierge List