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All of The Mac Observer’s coverage for CES 2020, both on-site and from afar.

CES - Danby Stops Porch Pirates with Danby Parcel Guard

· John F. Braun · News

LAS VEGAS, NV — Parcel theft, or “porch pirates” are an increasing issue in many areas.  They will take your parcel shortly after it’s been delivered, or when you’re not home.  Danby can help secure your parcels and even catch a thief with the technologies in Danby Parcel Guard.

Cool Stuff Found from CES Unveiled – TMO Daily Observations 2020-01-06

· Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

LAS VEGAS – John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton attended CES Unveiled 2020 on Sunday night, sifting through hundreds of products and companies to bring you this gadget-focused collection of Cool Stuff Found. Listen and enjoy!

Wi-Fi 6 Will Get 6 GHz Capabilities Under Name ‘Wi-Fi 6E’

· Andrew Orr · Link

The Wi-Fi Alliance is extending Wi-Fi 6 into the 6 GHz band for faster performance, faster data rates, and lower latency. It’s called Wi-Fi 6E.

Wi-Fi 6E devices are expected to become available quickly following 6 GHz regulatory approvals, utilizing this additional spectrum capacity to deliver continuous Wi-Fi innovation and valuable contributions to consumers, businesses and economies.

Wi-Fi Alliance: “We’re moving away from 802.11.xx because that’s too confusing.”

Also Wi-Fi Alliance: “Welcome to Wi-Fi 6E.”

Dissecting APFS and macOS Catalina with Mike Bombich – Mac Geek Gab 796

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Carbon Copy Cloner developer – and APFS guru! – Mike Bombich joins John and Dave this week to talk APFS, backups, upgrades, and more. Listen as your two favorite geeks become your three favorite geeks, sharing everything they know plus some cool stuff found to kick it up a notch into the new year.

TMO CES 2020 Coverage Sponsor: iMazing from DigiDNA

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

iMazing's App Management screen

It is my pleasure to welcome and thank iMazing and DigiDNA for coming on board to help sponsor our CES 2020 content here at TMO this week. Covering CES is a big task and takes a lot of resources. We need the time and manpower to comb through all the noise in Las Vegas this week to filter out just the stuff you want to know about. Without companies like DigiDNA helping us do this, our coverage wouldn’t be nearly what you get today.

CES – Igloohome Shows Remotely-Programmable Locks that Don't Require Wi-Fi at CES Unveiled 2020

· Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Igloohome’s smart locks shown here at CES Unveiled 2020 have a special feature: they don’t use Wi-Fi and yet they’re remotely programmable. This is accomplished by first pairing your phone with the lock, a process that also creates a rotating token like you might use with your bank. When you want to create a new code, everything is already set and the code is already active because of the pre-negotiated token, all happening behind the scenes. The deadbolt is US$299, the keybox is $189, and the padlock is $109. The other two dual locks will be available later this year.

CES – Sengled Shows HomeKit-Compatible LED Bulbs at CES Unveiled 2020

· Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

LAS VEGAS – Sengled has added a HomeKit compatible hub and was showing off their new LED Filament bulbs and more at CES Unveiled 2020 on Sunday, January 5, 2020. Priced to move, Sengled’s new HomeKit-compatible hub is just US$30, their full-color candle bulbs are just $24.99, and the amazing Edison “filament” LED bulb is just

CES 2020 Preview – TMO Daily Observations 2020-01-03

· Kelly Guimont · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun join host Kelly Guimont to discuss CES 2020 and what TDO will look like next week as part of that coverage.

A Festivus for The Geeks in Us – Mac Geek Gab 794

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

A festivus for the geeks in us

Cool Stuff Found galore begins this episode, because that’s the spirit of the holiday season. Equally as important, though, are the airing of the grievances, and provides a healthy platform for that…with some hints and tips, to be helpful, of course. After all, we each need to learn at least five new things! That’s not all: there are more tips and questions and answers here to enjoy, as well. Press play and join John, Dave, and the rest of the MGG Family for this week’s episode.