An Inside Look at How Charging Cables Work

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Charging cables are a requirement for any electrical device. But have you ever wondered how they work? Rhett Allain tells us.

Inside each of those cables are multiple wires. It doesn’t matter if the cable is used for power or for data—there have to be at least two wires inside. That is because all electric circuits depend on loops. You can’t make a loop with just one wire.

This iPhone Charging Cable Doubles as a Stand

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A neat iPhone charging cable doubles as a stand, making it easier to watch movies while you charge your device. I’ve never seen a charging cable like this before. Baseus’s Maruko Video Cable has a plastic casing around the end that extends a short ways down the cable, giving it better stability. It holds up your iPhone in landscape mode, so you can watch movies or play games while you charge. The end of the cable has a round head, so it’s easy to grab and push into your phone. It doesn’t seem like it’s available in a lot of places online. I found it being sold on T Shop International for US$6.

This iPhone Charging Cable Doubles as a Stand