Why I Abandoned Safari For Google Chrome

· Charlotte Henry · Editorial

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Charlotte had been using Safari, but eventually had to abandon it for Google Chrome after encountering too many problems and inconveniences.

Google’s iPhone Security App Keeps You in its Ecosystem

· Andrew Orr · Link

Google updated its Smart Lock app on iOS to let iPhones be used for two-factor authentication. But it will only work inside Chrome. Now your only choices for Google two-factor authentication are this Smart Lock app, or a phone number (an insecure method). You can also use a physical security key but not an app like Authy.

After installing the update, users are asked to select a Google account to set up their phone’s built-in security key. According to a Google cryptographer, the feature makes use of Apple’s Secure Enclave hardware, which securely stores ‌Touch ID‌, Face ID, and other cryptographic data on iOS devices.

Update. So I made a mistake and you can use an app like Authy, but you first have to surrender your phone number to Google. Which I’m obviously loathe to do so I use a disposable number.

Cookies to be Limited by Google in Chrome

· Charlotte Henry · News

Blocking Cookies

Google will launch tools limiting the use of tracking cookies on Chrome, however, it would not be as wide-ranging a restriction as on Safari.

500M iOS Users Affected by Cyberattack via Chrome Bug

· Andrew Orr · Link

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Roughly 500 million iOS users have been affected by a cyberattack that takes advantage of an iOS Chrome bug.

The attacks are the work of the eGobbler gang, researchers said, which has a track record of mounting large-scale malvertising attacks ahead of major holiday weekends. Easter is coming up, and the crooks are banking on consumers spending a lot more time than usual browsing the web on their phones.

Another research firm says this attack can also affect Safari users. Be careful this weekend.

Update Your Chrome Browser Right Now

· John Martellaro · Link

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PC Magazine writes:

Google is urging Chrome users [Mac, Windows, Linux] to update the web browser right away to patch a zero-day vulnerability that is being actively exploited.

In a Tuesday tweet, Google Chrome Security and Desktop Engineering Lead Justin Schuh said users should install the latest version of the browser—72.0.3626.121—right away.

Like…right now.

New Update Could Cripple Chrome Ad Blockers

· Andrew Orr · Link

Google engineers have proposed changes to Chromium that would break Chrome ad blockers.

In a note posted Tuesday to the Chromium bug tracker, Raymond Hill, the developer behind uBlock Origin and uMatrix, said the changes contemplated by the Manifest v3 proposal will ruin his ad and content blocking extensions, and take control of content away from users.

In totally unrelated news Firefox just gained 50 million new users.

Chrome 72 to support Dark Mode in macOS Mojave

· Charlotte Henry · News

Reddit users noted last week a developer had submitted support for the feature in Chromium – the open source browser that Chrome is built on.

Want to Play with a 3D iPhone XS on your iPhone? Apple Has a Site for That

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Apple has a cool mini website to show off the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Just load it up in Safari or Chrome on your mobile phone and you can spin the new iPhone models around by tilting your display. Phone specs pop up as the iPhones twirl around so you can learn more about them, plus you can choose which model you’re looking at, and the phone color, too. It’s a pretty cool was to explore the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Want to Play with a 3D iPhone XS on your iPhone? Apple Has a Site for That

How to Reset Google Chrome Back to Its Defaults

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

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Google Chrome has a nifty way to reset a lot of its options to their defaults, from what your startup page is to your enabled extensions. This is incredibly helpful if you’ve managed to get some adware installed within that browser! We’ve got the cleanup details in today’s Quick Tip.

How to See Archives Within Google Street View

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Google Maps has a neat feature that’ll let you see back in time for a particular location—so if you want to look at the 2008 Street View of a place, say, you might be able to do just that. We’ll tell you how!