Build Your Own Magic Wand with the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

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I’m a big fan of Kano’s coding kits like Pixel programmable light board and the Computer Kit Complete, so of course their new Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit looks pretty awesome to me. You get to build your own magic wand that interacts with the apps you make on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Kano’s coding tools are easy to learn, too. You can order your kit now for US$99.99 and deliveries will start on October 1st. Did I mention you get to build your own magic wand?

Apple's Swift Playgrounds for iPad Hits the App Store

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Swift Playgrounds for iPad

Apple released Swift Playgrounds for iPad along side iOS 10 on Tuesday, giving us the tablet-based developer learning tool first shown off earlier this year at the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The app teaches coding skills without needing any prior experience.