Yoink 3.5 Adds macOS Mojave Quick Action, Handoff Support

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Yoink is a handy Mac tool for grouping together files you want to copy or move, and the just released version 3.5 update adds in new macOS Mojave support. The new update adds Handoff support between the Mac, iPhone, and iPad versions, adds Finder Quick Actions support, and is Dark Mode compliant, too. Yoink is priced at US$7.99, and the update is free for current users.

Yoink 3.5 Adds macOS Mojave Quick Action, Handoff Support

macOS: How to Copy Files as Pathnames

· · Quick Tip

If you need to reference a file or a folder with a really long pathname, then don’t waste your time typing out the whole thing when there’s a shortcut to help you! Today’s Quick Tip is about a better, faster way to point people toward items on their Macs, and Melissa Holt’s got the scoop.

Samsung's New Smartphone Innovation: Jet Black

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Samsung Galaxy S7 gets jet black color option

Samsung has an idea for goosing Galaxy S7 smartphone sales: make a jet black model. The glossy black version is reportedly a move to compete with Apple’s latest iPhone color option, and an effort to boost sales following the Galaxy Note 7 explode-a-phone debacle.