Corellium and Apple Escalate Legal Fight

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The legal battle between Apple and mobile device virtualization creator Corellium escalated over the festive period.

Corellium Strikes Back Saying it Makes iPhones Safer

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Apple filed a lawsuit against a company called Corellium. This company runs virtualization software that lets it emulate iOS. It responded to Apple’s lawsuit on Monday and said it makes iPhones safer. Oh, and it claims Apple owes it US$300,000.

Corellium’s key argument lies on the assumption that Corellium’s customers are looking for bugs with the intention of alerting Apple of their existence…For now, however, that is only an assumption…When Motherboard asked today whether they ever reported a bug in iOS found using Corellium, Mark Dowd, the founder of Azimuth, said: “no.”

That “no” is a pretty damning answer. If you claim that your software helps fix iOS bugs, you should probably also report those iOS bugs to Apple. At least if you also claim to make iPhones safer, because selling those bugs on the black market doesn’t do that.

Apple Sues Corellium Over Virtual iOS Copies

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Corellium is a mobile device virtualization company that offers iOS and Apple’s apps in the cloud. Apple is suing the company for damages.