Add a Free COVID-19 Vaccine Passport to Apple Wallet Using VaxYes

Congratulations on being fully vaccinated against COVID-19! Now? Well, you can take a photo of your record or scan it into Files/Apple Notes. And with a service called VaxYes from gogetdoc you can add it to Apple Wallet for greater convenience. You’ll have to give them a picture of your vaccine card as well as a photo of your ID. The company uses AES-256 encryption (referred to as “military grade”) and is fully compliant with HIPAA. Gogetdoc has HIPAA-trained quality control agents and medical staff to ensure appropriate details are collected for verification of the record before issuing a digital vaccine card. Tap on “Get a Free Vaccine Passport” and follow the onscreen instructions. I did it and the process to get the Wallet passport took about 60 seconds. If you live in the UK you can get a passport with this article.