Apple History: The Apple Credit Card From 2004, and the 90s

· Andrew Orr · Link

Apple Card, which will be released this summer, isn’t the company’s first Apple credit card idea. Steve Jobs first thought of it in 2004.

The year was 2004…Steve thought the time was right for Apple to offer its own credit card. He would call it … (drum roll)… Apple Card…Alas, the Apple Card never saw the light of day. Steve worked to create a partnership with MasterCard, but apparently he couldn’t get the terms he wanted—so he pulled the plug.

Interesting story. The article also includes marketing materials the company created at the time. Edit: As it turns out, this wasn’t the first Apple Card either. In 1992/1993, The Mac Observer’s Dave Hamilton worked on an Apple credit card during a previous career at Citibank.

Apple Pay Coming to Brazil

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple Pay and iPhone with Brazil flag

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Pay is coming to Brazil soon, which means another country will be able to take advantage of the contactless payment system.

Apple Pay Comes to Ireland, Launching in Italy Soon

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Ireland gets Apple Pay

Apple Pay officially launched in Ireland on Tuesday, and the contactless payment system is heading to Italy soon, too. Currently, Apple Pay is available for Ireland’s boon, Ulster Bank and KBC customers.