Database of 1.2 Billion Records Found With Scraped Data

A database filled with 1.2 billion records of data was found on the dark web back in October. I hesitate to call this a data breach because:

While the collection is impressive for its sheer volume, the data doesn’t include sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, or Social Security numbers. It does, though, contain profiles of hundreds of millions of people that include home and cell phone numbers, associated social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github, work histories seemingly scraped from LinkedIn, almost 50 million unique phone numbers, and 622 million unique email addresses.

In other words this is all data that people have willingly put on their social media profiles. While it can be used for nefarious purposes (especially phone numbers) this is less of a breach and more of a database of scrapes. Nevertheless I’m using our “data breach” tag.

Use MAC Addresses to Figure Out How Old Network Devices Are

If you can get a device’s MAC address, you can figure out how old it is. MAC addresses are unique identifier numbers for the devices on a network, and it turns out you can use them to get an idea of the age of devices. That’s handy if you’re trying to gather more data about what’s on your network, and like every other tool, can be used for good or bad. The data is all in a freely accessible CSV file on Github.