This iMessage Concept Redesigns Social Interactions

 is back with an iMessage concept. I’ve shared his previous design concepts before, and his latest one involves redesigning social interactions in Apple’s Messages app. By using Screen Time in iOS 12, Mr. Eugène noticed how much he spent messaging people, and he wanted to improve the experience. A new feature is called Chatroom, and it’s meant to “bridge the gap between digital and real world interactions.” It makes iMessage apps more powerful, and lets people experience digital things like they would in the physical world. For example, when you send a video to a friend using YouTube’s iMessage app, it shows an indicator when the person watches it. Then, you can tap on the video to watch it together inside of the Chatroom, where you can discuss the video.

A UI-UX Designer Just Created a Siri Concept

I wrote about Kévin Eugène before when he created a macOS concept. Now he’s back with a Siri concept, and it looks great. The concept is called iOS Mogi, and it’s based on something called parallel help. Basically, it involves Siri being able to work in the background to carry out your commands, instead of the current “issue command, Siri reply, done, exit.” Siri opens as a small notification, instead of taking up the whole screen. This is the true future of virtual assistants. They should be able to do things on their own in a more proactive way than iOS 9 Proactive ever could.

You know how sometimes, you feel frustrated when you try to send a message with Siri, and end up taking your phone and typing your text? In iOS Mogi, instead of relying completely on Siri to do things for you, you can ask it to help you get things done faster. No more wandering in the UI, simply begin your sentence with « I want to… » and Siri will let you do it, without leaving what you were doing (in iOS Mogi, what you are doing is really precious).