DIY: How to Make Apple Watch Bands

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Andrew O’Hara put together a neat DIY video on how to make Apple Watch bands. He tells you what parts and tools you”ll need and how to put it all together.

By putting the band together yourself, you have so many more options opened up to you. Your watch can now represent you and your style without being limited by the Apple Watch market or the steep markups we see for the best bands.

Sell these on Etsy and use words like “bespoke” and “artisanal.” You’ll be drowning in cash.

Check Out Orpheus, the Sad Robot Music Box

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Stylized robot designs have a special place in my heart, and ThinkGeek has one that’ll tug at my heart strings with its forlorn song. The robot is called Orpheus and its a built-it-yourself wooden kit that’s also a music box. It’s posable, lights up, and plays its sad song–Cycle of Happiness–when you wind the key on its back. Orpheus costs US$29.99 and is available only in the US for now. I know, so sad.