Donut County Game Launches Tuesday for iOS, macOS

Donut County launches tomorrow for iOS, macOS, Steam, and Playstation 4. I’ve had the chance to play it a bit on my Mac, and it’s a fun game. Raccoons have taken over Donut County by using remote-controlled holes that they use to steal trash. The main character is BK, who uses a hole to capture his friends and their homes to win prizes. But he ends up falling into his own hole accidentally, where he is confronted by the residents. It’s a physics-based puzzle game. You can explore peoples’ homes, each with its own environment. You move the hole to swallow their stuff, which keeps getting bigger. You can combine objects inside the hole for special effects, like bunny breeding (yeah a little odd). You can also launch things back out of the hole, to solve puzzles or destroy stuff. Basically, the goal is to swallow up everything in Donut County. Mac App Store: US$12.99. App Store: US$4.99

Donut County Game Available for Pre-Order Today

Donut County game, a story-based physics puzzle game about a mysterious hole in the ground developed by Ben Esposito, will be launching on PlayStation 4, Steam, GOG and the App Store for iOS and Mac on August 28. Published by Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind critically acclaimed titles What Remains of Edith Finch, Gorogoa and Florence, Donut County is currently available to pre-order on today on the iOS App Store and Mac App Store. In the game you explore negative space by giving players control over a hole in the ground, and combine objects in the hole for surprising effects, solve puzzles by launching them back out, and ruin everyoneʼs day by devouring everything in sight. App Store: Donut County – US$4.99 | Mac App Store: Donut County – US$12.99