Play 4K/1080p Videos with Ease with 5KPlayer (Sponsor)

· Dave Hamilton · Weekly Sponsorship

5kplayer playing FLING's Jagged Edges Music Video

This week’s sponsored app is 5KPlayer. With 5KPlayer you can play your videos with ease. Just drag a video into the 5KPlayer window and it works and plays with full-quality video and sound. No warnings about missing codecs, no issues. Just play and enjoy.

macOS: How to See Where a Download Came From

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

So you’ve downloaded files to your Mac. What’s an easy way to see where they came from if you forget? Or how can you tell where your dad got that pirated copy of Microsoft Office? In today’s Quick Tip, we’ll tell you how to see that info…and maybe help you call out your dad’s terrible computing habits.

BBC Just Released 16,016 Sound Effects for Free

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

If you’re on the hunt for some quality sound effects for you projects, the BBC has your back. The organization has a website where you can download 16,016 of its sound effects ranging from birds chirping to machines and cars, nature sounds, people walking on specific surfaces, and more. You can search for sounds and listen to samples before downloading. They’re all free, but come with a catch: you can use them only for personal, educational, or research purposes. Check them out at the BBC Sound Effects website.

BBC Just Released 16,016 Sound Effects for Free

Here's How Panic Solved a Download Problem and Showed Why Net Neutrality is So Important

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Panic, the company behind Transmit, Coda, and Firewatch, had a mystery on its hands: why were its app downloads so slow for a lot of users? They dug into it and found the problem was specific to Comcast customers—and they got Comcast to fix it. The story is a great example of how interdependent internet service providers and the companies providing the bandwidth pipes are. It’s also a perfect example of what an internet without Net Neutrality is like. Panic’s video explaining what happened is worth watching, and you can learn more about what happened on the company’s blog.