Botanists Use Drone to Find Flower Thought Extinct: Hibiscadelphus woodii

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How about some wholesome news for once? Recently, botanists in Hawaii used a drone to find a flower they thought was extinct: Hibiscadelphus woodii.

During the expedition that led to the rediscovery of H. woodii, Wood and Nyberg had hiked hundreds of feet down the Kalalau Valley cliffs, but the difficult terrain prevented them from going any further.

It was then that Nyberg deployed the drone, flying it further down the cliffs, toward the sea, to take a closer look at a specific area of interest. Able to get within a meter or two of the sheer cliff face, he was able to confirm the continued existence of H. woodii.

Want to Build a Drone? Check Out The PlutoX

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Want to build a drone? There’s a build a drone kit on IndieGogo right now called PlutoX. It’s a complete aerial robotics kit that comes with a nano drone, a learning manual, 10 DIY projects, hardware accessories (including wifi camera, range sensor and DC geared motors), easy-to-code software and modular hardware. “Instead of slowing down tinkerers with a cumbersome process to add hardware like cameras, sensors or even another board to their drones, we want to make development easy for them. We want to fuel their imagination and encourage them to explore more possibilities while tinkering,” says the CTO and co-founder, Prasanna Shevre. With 30,000+ students trained on drones and with the Pluto Racing League–India’s first nano drone racing league, Drona Aviation has made a mark in the Indian drone industry. You can fund the project with rewards starting at US$169.

Want to Build a Drone? Check Out The PlutoX

Aevena Aire Cancelled: No Flying Robot for You

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Aevena Aire flying robot cancelled

If you were excited about the prospect of having your own personal robot flying around your house you’ll have to keep dreaming because the Aevena Aire Kickstarter project has officially shut down.

Want a Flying Robot to Monitor Your Home? Check Out Aevena Aire

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Aevena Aire smart home drone

If you’ve been thinking “What my smart home really needs is a flying robot,” then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what Aevena is making. The company has a Kickstarter for its Aire, which is an Alexa-controlled robot that flies around your house monitoring for trouble or just snapping photos and video when you ask. It’s essentially a cross between a security cam and drone that uses multiple sensors and cameras to detect intruders and let you remotely see what’s happening. They say the Aire is quiet so it won’t distract by sounding like a swarm of angry flying machines. You can check out the Aevena Aire on Kickstarter and sign up to get your own flying robot to watch over your home.

This Drone's Underwater Camera Can Shoot 4K Video

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Have you ever wished you could explore the underwater realms and get amazing pictures and videos? If so, a drone on Indiegogo might be right up your alley. You control Gladius with your iPhone or iPad. The drone uses a unique semi-tethered connection system. A floating buoy communicates wirelessly with your iPhone or iPad, while a tether runs from the buoy to the drone. Therefore, the drone can dive up to 100 meters deep with a horizontal range of 500 meters. Gladius features an on-board 1080P/4K underwater camera to take high quality photos and video and can live-stream in HD. Finally, the underwater camera has low-light adaptable sensors, and LED lights on either side light up a wide 135º angle. The retail price for Gladius will be US $1,399. You can reserve yours on Gladius’s Indiegogo campaign for as low as $599.

This Drone’s Underwater Camera Can Shoot 4K Video

New Drone Footage Shows Nearly Complete Apple Park

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Apple announced last week its spaceship campus is named Apple Park, and will open in April. Now, only days later, we get to see new drone footage showing the nearly complete facility. The new drone flyover shows the main ring-shaped building with its finished solar panel roof, and construction still underway on other structures. Landscaping is coming along, as are the two miles of trails winding through the park. Matthew Roberts shot the video showing Apple Park’s current state as of the end of February, and the entire campus is looking more impressive every day.

CES 2017 Wireless Earpods and Drone Blocking - TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-06

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ShowStoppers at CES 2017 had loads of cool tech, which means there’s more for Dave Hamilton, Bryan Chaffin, and John F. Braun to share with Jeff Gamet. They look at wireless earpods, drone and cellphone blocking, and smart lights.

CES 2017 Expectations and Predictions- TMO Daily Observations 2017-01-03

· Jeff Gamet · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

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CES 2017 is kicking off, so today Kelly Guimont joins Jeff Gamet talk about what they expect to be the big product categories at this year’s events. Be sure to follow along all week for The Mac Observer’s on-location coverage.

A Drone Big Enough to Pull a Snowboarder? Yes Please

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Drones are pretty cool, but a drone big enough to pull a snowboarder? Now that’s really cool. Casey Neistat enlisted the help of some friends to build a drone powerful enough to pull him on his snowboard up hill, and even take him on short flights off snow jumps and ramps. He zips through a ski town to show off his drone boarding skills, and it’s frakking awesome. Check out the video to see Casey’s drone boarding adventures—and don’t try this with your own drone. Casey is a professional crazy man with a custom built drone.