Book Sale: Fossils, Finches, and Fuegians for $1.99

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Fossils, Finches, and Fuegians is a narrative account of Charles Darwin’s four year voyage on the Beagle to South America, Australia and the Pacific in the 1830s that combines the adventure and excitement of Alan Moorehead’s famous (and now out of print) account with an expert assessment of the scientific discoveries of that journey. The author is Charles Darwin’s great-grandson. No biography of Darwin has yet done justice to what the scientific research actually was that occupied Darwin during the voyage. Keynes shows exactly how Darwin’s geological researches and his observations on natural history sowed the seeds of his revolutionary theory of evolution, and led to the writing of his great works on The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man. Apple Books: US$1.99

Book Sale: Fossils, Finches, and Fuegians for $1.99

World Book Day: TMO Reading Suggestions

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World Book Day

It’s World Book Day, so Jeff hung around the TMO water cooler and asked whoever came by to give me suggestions on something cool to read.

The Secret History of the iPhone Isn't So Secret Anymore

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The highly anticipated and controversial new book about the development of the iPhoneThe One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, is now available. Initial reviews reveal that the book isn’t the “complete” history of the iPhone that most were expecting, but that it does provide a number of new stories and insights about the inner workings of Apple and the relationships between the company’s executives and its partners during this crucial time in Apple’s history. Early press excerpts from the book caused some controversy, and its release was timed perfectly with last night’s interview with ex-iOS chief Scott Forstall. Check it out now at Amazon, or download the Kindle or iBooks versions to start reading right away.

The Secret History of the iPhone Isn’t So Secret Anymore