Amazon's New Echo Dot Kids Edition Could be Your Child's Best Friend

· Jeff Gamet · Analysis

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon’s new Echo Dot Kids Edition is available for pre-order now and includes kid-friendly content, age appropriate responses, and parental controls. It’s like Amazon wants Alexa to be your kid’s best friend.

Amazon's Alexa Calling Feature Works From Your iPhone, too

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

An Echo Dot and various Alexa app screens showing Alexa Calling on the iPhone

Amazon’s Alexa Calling feature works great on the Echo and Echo Dot, from the testing TMO staff have done so far. Jeff Butts and Jeff Gamet also took the time to check out how the feature works from the Alexa app on the iPhone. Here’s what they found out, and how you can use it, too.

Alexa Calling: Amazon Adds Voice Calling to Echo, Echo Dot

· Jeff Gamet · News

Alexa Calling uses your Echo or Alexa app for voice calls

The just announced Echo Show isn’t the only device in Amazon’s lineup getting voice calling support. A new feature dubbed Alexa Calling is coming to the Echo, Echo Dot, and Alexa mobile app today. For now, the calling features are limited to the Echo lineup and Alexa app, but that could be the first step in turning the devices into speaker phones fro our homes.

Should Our AI Agents Be Always With Us? Or Sit On a Table? Siri?

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Amazon Echo

Our artificial intelligence agents can either be embedded in our computers and/or mobile devices. Or they can reside in a cute little colorful cylinder that sits on a table. Which is better?  Which is the future? Which should you invest in? Maybe Siri knows.