Alexa Lets You be a Host in Westworld: The Maze Game

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If you have an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-capable device you can explore HBO’s Westworld in a new game called Westworld: The Maze. It’s like a choose your own adventure game where you’re a Host looking for the center of the maze while trying to not let on that you’ve become self aware. It’s also like a trivia game because you have to answer questions about the series. You’ll need to enable the Westworld: The Maze skill, and then say “Alexa, open Westworld” to start playing.

The Voice Assistant War: Alexa and Google Assistant Versus Siri

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Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo, Google Home smart speakers

We’re still in the early stages of voice assistant technology so we can’t declare a winner yet, regardless of which you prefer. Based on what we’re seeing, however, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are putting Apple’s Siri in a serious catch up position.

Amazon's New Echo Dot Kids Edition Could be Your Child's Best Friend

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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon’s new Echo Dot Kids Edition is available for pre-order now and includes kid-friendly content, age appropriate responses, and parental controls. It’s like Amazon wants Alexa to be your kid’s best friend.

How to Enable Alexa's Follow-Up Mode

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Alexa app settings for Follow-Up Mode

Amazon added a new feature to its Alexa voice assistant platform that saves you from having to say the trigger word multiple times when you’re speaking a series of commands. The feature is called Follow-Up Mode, and here’s how to enable it.

How to Find Your iPhone with Amazon Echo and Alexa

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IFTTT recipe to find your iPhone using Amazon Echo and Alexa

Lost your iPhone at home and don’t have an Apple Watch to ping it? Your Amazon Echo can fill in and call your phone and use the ringer to track it down.