Apple Steps Up Its Game at ISTE 2019 Edtech Conference

· Laura Bain · Editorial

While Apple has had a presence at prior ISTE events, the company made an obvious effort to increase the number of educators who could get into its display and get their hands on Apple technology.

Mac Pro Mockups, State of the CPU, and John's Cable Research, with John Kheit - ACM 508

· Bryan Chaffin · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Logo

Some Mac Pro fan mockups have been circulating, and Bryan Chaffin is joined by John Kheit to discuss their pros and cons. And surprise, John Kheit is full of mostly cons, so they also discuss what they think the Mac Pro needs to be awesome. They also discuss the state of the chip industry, Intel’s 56-core Cascade Lake, and Apple’s ARM ambitions for the Mac. They wrap up the show with a look at John’s obsessive research to find the best USB-C cable.

TMO Background Mode Interview with the CIO of CoSN Susan Bearden

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Susan Bearden on Background Mode.

Susan is the Chief Innovation Officer for the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) in Washington D.C. From 2016 to 2017 she was a Senior Education Pioneers Fellow for the U.S. Department of Education. She also participates in the EdTechChat Radio podcast for the BAM Radio Network.

After a discussion about Susan’s fascinating career progression from musician to IT specialist to Education Technology specialist, we launched into a discussion of “digital citizenship,” also the title of her book. It basically encompasses how to be a smart, informed, ethical user of the internet. The book is aimed a both teachers and parents. Things like cyberbullying and internet safety are covered. Later we got into a discussion of tools for education, including AI. We finish with Susan’s amazing perspective on whether robots will ever replace teachers in the classroom.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Academic Director of IT Bradley Chambers

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Bradley Chambers on Background Mode

Bradley Chambers has been managing Apple devices in an education environment since 2009. Currently he’s the IT director at a school in Chattanooga, and he’s also a contributor to 9to5Mac via his weekly column: “Making the Grade.” Bradley told me about his work as an IT administrator, how iPads and Macs are deployed, configured and repaired. There are some good tools for doing that, but they’re also supplemented with Google docs and JAMF tools. His kids are taught programming at an early age with Swift Playgrounds, and it turns out that the iPad offers just what his students need for a K-5 curriculum. We finished with a discussion of a few of his recent columns, including why digital textbooks generally failed in the market as well as thoughts about the state of Apple’s iBooks Author app.

The iPad Paradox: Why it Can't Really Teach Kids to Code

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Logitech Crayon stylus for iPad

Apple’s “Field Trip” education event produced a flood of excellent articles about Apple’s standing in the education market. Here are four of the best. And one hits a hot button.

Talking to an E-Learning Teacher about Apple and EdTech - ACM 455

· Bryan Chaffin & Jeff Gamet · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Logo

Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet are joined by Laura Bain, E-Learning Coordinator at a private school in Brisbane, Australia, to talk about Apple and the “Let’s Take a Field Trip” event. They discuss what it’s like in the trenches of E-Learning, including the ongoing battle between Apple, Google, and Microsoft. You’ve been hearing a lot of tech pundits talk about Apple and education, but this conversation has a voice from the trenches.

Apple + Education Home Page Redesign

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Apple did a rare redesign for its home page Tuesday, one featuring the education themes of its Chicago EdTech media event. It utilizes a a version of the Apple logo drawn with Apple Pencil on iPad. During the media event, Apple showed slides with the same kind of imagery, including sketches of the presenters and other announcements. Apple used the event to announce new education software and a new iPad aimed at education, including support for Apple Pencil.

Apple + Education Home Page Redesign

Apple Announces Schoolwork, a Cloud App for the Classroom

· Bryan Chaffin · Product News

A child working with iPad and Pencil

The free, cloud-based software allows teachers to assign specific activities within an app to a child. It also allows them monitor that activity as the class works on assignments.

New Apple Commercial: 'One Person Can Change the World'

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Apple has a new spot out called One person can change the world. Released in time with Tuesday’s iPad and education-focused media event in Chicago, the spot features a slow-mo pan through a playground filled with young children playing and being kids. With a  simple piano soundtrack, the spot features different kids talking about being creative and how imagination can bring change to the world. It’s a compelling spot, and it’s either timely or serendipitous considering the growing youth movement in the U.S.

Cheaper iPads Can't Solve Apple's Education Problem

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Apple field trip event with iPads

Just as it neglected the Mac, Apple neglected the education market for too long. It’ll be a major challenge to solve its new education problem, and less expensive iPads are only a start.

Apple's Approach to Education Only Goes So Far

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

iPads in education - girl in classroom with an iPad

There are some fundamental issues related to education in an environment immersed in social media. What can Apple do better?

Apple Death Knell #71 - Apple Is Doomed

· Bryan Chaffin · Death Knell

Apple Death Knell #71

Bryan Chaffin brings you the prognosticatory visions of one Paul Mapilly, writing for Banyan Hill Publishing, who says simple, “Apple Is Doomed,” or Apple Death Knell #71.

Apple Launches Back to School Promo in Europe with Free Beats Headphones

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Apple launched its annual back to school promo in Europe, offering students and teachers a pair of free Beats headphones with the purchase of a new Mac or iPad Pro. Customers can choose between Beats Solo3, BeatsX, or Powerbeats3 models. The offer is on top of the discounted pricing on the Mac or iPad Pro available to students and teachers through Apple’s education store. Current pricing includes discounts up to £270 on a new Mac, and up to £59 on a new iPad in the UK. In Euro countries, students and teachers can save €328 on new Mac, and up to €68 on a new iPad Pro. The offer mirrors the U.S. back-to-school promo launched in July.

Apple Launches Back to School Promo in Europe with Free Beats Headphones

Emergence of Robots Will, Remarkably, Force a Change in iPad Design

· John Martellaro · Editorial

Apple using internal magnets to attach Apple Pencil 2 to iPad Pro

The iPad was developed, in the Macintosh era of maturity, as a simpler alternaive for content consumption. It nicely eliminated the headaches of PC complexity and security concerns. Today, things are radically different, and the need to be able to create content and generate personal revenue is much more pressing than when the iPad was first conceived nearly a decade ago.

Education May be in Apple's DNA, But Not in Apple's Future

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Supercomputers, the internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents are coming into full bloom. The future is evolving quickly away from GUI and touch-based methods to AI and voice control.  The implications for our personal computing experience are immense, and it all starts with the fundamentals of how we educate our children.