How to Choose the Best Mesh Wireless System For Your Home

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Sorting through the mesh wireless systems available today can be tricky. Read on, and we’ll teach you how to decide which one is best for you. [Update: Includes eero’s IPv6 and Thread support, AmpliFi’s addition of Hardware NAT and 802.11 k/v/r, Google Wi-Fi’s packet queueing improvements, and KRACK updates for Linksys Velop. Also adds a note about the continuing saga with NETGEAR’s 2.1 Orbi firmware, including a link to a beta version for folks to test. – Dave]

Don't Commit a Photo Crime – Mac Geek Gab 686

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Sometimes iCloud gets out of sync. Your geeks and fellow listeners have some tips and solutions. Then it’s time to talk about troubleshooting tools that exist on either iOS or macOS but not both. What are your options? Your geeks talk through that, too. Of course, ’tis the season, so Cool Stuff Found abounds. We share and you share! We all learn (at least) four new things! It’s Mac Geek Gab, after all. Enjoy MGG 686!