Chinese Military Charged With Equifax Data Breach

· Andrew Orr · Link

Four Chinese military hackers have been charged with breaking into Equifax’s network and stealing the data of tens of millions of Americans.

The accused hackers exploited a software vulnerability to gain access to Equifax’s computers, obtaining log-in credentials that they used to navigate databases and review records. The indictment also details efforts the hackers took to cover their tracks, including wiping log files on a daily basis and routing traffic through dozens of servers in nearly 20 countries.

Reminder that Equifax executives did insider trading based on the breach. They are criminals.

Everything You Should Know About the 2017 Equifax Breach

· Jeff Butts · News

2017 equifax breach

The company’s offering you the chance to find out whether you’re affected by the breach and get free identity theft protection, but there’s a catch that just might be a deal-breaker for many.