Evernote Launches Dark Mode for iOS and Mac

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Evernote has launched a new dark mode for its popular note-taking application. Mac and iOS users can now switch between the standard UI (“Light”) and a new, darker Note UI (“Dark Mode”). The idea is to help users in a variety of circumstances, whether they who work late, suffer from migraines or benefit from a darker screen for other accessibility reasons.

Evernote Launches Dark Mode for iOS and Mac

macOS: Importing Stickies (And Evernote!) into Notes

· · Quick Tip

If you’re using Stickies—or Evernote, for that matter—you should know that there’s a way to import the data into Apple’s Notes program, so if you’d like to move your stuff into that app instead, you can! In today’s Quick Tip, we’ll explore the options for importing and exporting between those applications.