Erasing Your Face is the Creepiest iPhone X Camera Trick So Far

Mapping your face for Animoji is a pretty cool use for the iPhone X front-facing TrueDepth camera, but making your face disappear completely? That’s creepy, a little cool, and exactly what app developer Kazuya Noshiro did. He made an app that cuts out your face while leaving your eyes and mouth behind. It tracks your face in real time so whatever is behind you is always visible, and it’s pretty impressive if not a little unsettling. He hasn’t released his app, but you can see it in action on his Twitter feed.

Nose Zone for iPhone X Turns Your Nose into a Laser Targeting System

Yesterday it was Rainbrow, and today it’s Nose Zone, the latest game to take advantage of the iPhone X’s facial tracking. In Nose Zone you point your nose to control an onscreen dot’s movement to destroy boxes. The more boxes you zap before time runs out the higher your score. It’s easy to learn and taught me just how bad I am at aiming with my nose. Nose Zone is a free download at Apple’s App Store.

Rainbrow is the Coolest Face Tracking Game We've Found

Nathan Gitter has the coolest use for the iPhone X facial scanning camera outside of Animoji and it’s called Rainbrow. That’s a new game where your eyebrows literally control how you move an emoji up and down the screen to collect stars. You have to avoid objects like cars and eight balls while trying to beat your previous high scores. You move by raising or lowering your eyebrows, and we found the game works much better when you aren’t wearing glasses. It’s simple to learn and is challenging enough to keep your interest, plus you get great looks from people who have no idea why you’re making faces at your iPhone. Rainbrow is a free download at Apple’s App Store.