Filemaker wants Everyday to be Casual Friday

· Charlotte Henry · Cool Stuff Found

Apple subsidiary Filemaker is fed up of hype. Its latest Workplace Innovation film features a firm using Filemaker to try and resolve the issue of lost deliveries. Oh, and a new, casual, office dress-code. I like the idea of cutting away from a lot of the hyperbole that accompanies tech innovation these days, and this clip is rather fun. The less said about the man-bun the better though!

"Wait, We're Worth Millions?" New FileMaker Commercial Takes The Office Staff to The Beet Lord!

· Dave Hamilton · Cool Stuff Found

FileMaker, an Apple subsidiary, released a new commercial today featuring a few “staff members” from the US version of The Office. Check it out and watch how these Beet Lords manage their entire business with FileMaker. It’s as if anyone can do it (and, truth be told, anyone can: we use FileMaker here at both TMO and BackBeat Media to manage our entire operation).