Apple Pencil 2 May Include Gesture Support

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Apple Pencil drawing a town and people

Apple Pencil 2, expected to be announced at Apple’s October 30th media event, will likely include a side button and gesture support.

iOS 12: New Control Center Gesture for iPad

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iOS 12 Notifications, Control Center, and App Switcher gestures on iPad

iOS 12 improves gesture consistency, at least a little, and one of the places you’ll see that is in Control Center on the iPad. Here’s how the new gesture works.

Here are the HomePod Touch Gestures You Need to Know

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HomePod gesture touch surface

Apple’s HomePod will be in stores on February 9th, and along with Siri voice control you can use gestures to control your brand new smart speaker. Read on to learn how.

iPhone X: How to Make App Quitting More Like the iPhone 7 and 8

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There’s more than one way to quit apps on the iPhone X once you know the right gesture. It isn’t quite as smooth as quitting apps on an iPhone 7 or 8, which is kind of weird because it could be just as simple. Check out TMO’s video showing how app quitting works on the iPhone X.

iPhone X: How to Quit Apps

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iPhone X quit apps in App Switcher by pressing and holding on an app and then tap the quit button

If you need to quit an app on your iPhone X things work a little differently compared to every other iOS device Apple makes. Here’s what you need to do.

iPhone X: How to Use Fast App Switching

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iPhone X App Switcher gesture: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause

Getting to the App Switcher on the iPhone X is a little tricky since it doesn’t have a Home button. Here’s how it works now.

iPhone X: How to Use Reachability

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iPhone X Reachability gesture - swipe down from the bottom of the screen

Want to use Reachability on your iPhone X’s big screen? Here’s how to enable and use the feature.

iPhone X: How to Access Control Center

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iPhone X Control Center gesture: swipe down from the right horn

Apple jumbled up gestures for the iPhone X, so now there’s a new way to access Control Center.

iPhone X: How to Get to the Home Screen

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iPhone X swipe up gesture returns to the Home screen

The Home button is gone from the iPhone X, so here’s how to get back to the Home screen with a gesture.