Cool New Stuff: Grid and Camo for Mac

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

Dr. Mac reveals two cool new products that are helpful, unique, and reasonably priced: Grid is an interactive web calculator construction kit;  Camo is an app that replaces the crummy camera in your MacBook with the better one in your iPhone

How Teens Turned Google Docs into the Must Have Messaging App

· Charlotte Henry · Link

The days of bored teenagers passing notes around a classroom are long gone. However, it is not the likes of Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok that they now use to plot, gossip and flirt during class. According to The Atlantic, teens have turned Google Docs into the place to talk. The service is often used in the classroom and has a live chat function – quite a dangerous combination!

“We don’t really pass physical notes anymore,” said Skyler, 15, who, like all the other students in this story, is identified by a pseudonym. As more and more laptops find their way into middle and high schools, educators are using Google Docs to do collaborative exercises and help students follow along with the lesson plan. The students, however, are using it to organize running conversations behind teachers’ backs.

macOS: How to Hide Rows in Numbers

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Melissa Holt shows you how to hide rows in your Numbers spreadsheets on your Mac, and throws in Excel and Google Sheets, too.

Ditch Redmond With These Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac

· Jeff Butts · Deep Dive

Microsoft Office Alternatives

When many folks switch to Mac, they bring Microsoft with them, begrudgingly. They don’t realize the wealth of Microsoft Office alternatives out there, so they stick with what they know. Jeff Butts felt that pain, did the research, and has come up with some great choices for ditching Redmond altogether.