Google Unifies Two Desktop Apps Into a Single ‘Drive’ App

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Google drive for desktop

Google is merging its Google Drive sync clients on the desktop: Backup and Sync with Drive File Stream. The new app will be Drive for Desktop on macOS and Windows. The company shares a timeline with other details in its blog post.

Drive for desktop is a unified sync client that provides a consistent experience for anyone who uses Drive, whether for business, education or personal purposes. It enables you to quickly sync and access content directly from Mac or PC, which can save you time by helping you access files and folders in a familiar location.

You Can Now Lock Google Drive on iOS With Face ID, Touch ID

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Today Google updated Google Drive on iOS with a feature called Privacy Screen. It lets you lock the app with Face ID and Touch ID. Digital Trends notes:

The feature is activated each time you close the Drive app and reopen it and also locks files if you switch between Google Drive and another app, according to a Google spokesperson. You’ll have the option to turn this feature on and adjust its timing in Drive settings.

I personally would like Apple to let us lock every app with Face ID / Touch ID. Apps can clearly do this by themselves, but having it “baked” into the operating system is ideal.

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It's Easy to Blame Bluetooth and APFS – Mac Geek Gab 698

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Having issues with your Apple Watch, your iMac hinge, or your external drive? We summarily blame Bluetooth. And APFS. And we have a solution for that hinge that has nothing to do with radio frequencies. So there. Just press play and enjoy. We promise you’ll learn at least five new things.

Google Drive gets Full iOS 11 Files Support

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Google Drive in iOS 11 Files app

Google Drive already worked Files in iOS 11, but thanks to a fresh update it now fully supports the app’s interface.