Getting Started With Your New Apple Presents

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Image of apple’s settings app

Apple devices are popular gifts, and you or a friend or family member probably got one for the holidays. Here’s what do do with them.

FBI Shares 7 Tech Tips to Keep You Safe

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The FBI’s Oregon office shared seven tech tips to keep people safe over the holidays, like not letting devices auto-connect to free Wi-Fi. It’s well worth the read.

The kids are getting out of school this week and you are packing your bags for the big trip to the in-laws. Now is not the time you want to talk about cyber security, but we do have a few travel tips to keep you safe while you are on the go.

Save $15 on a $100 iTunes Gift Card on Amazon

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Amazon is offering two deals on iTunes gift cards in time for the holiday season, one for a US$100 gift card and a US$50 gift card.

Here's How to Track UPS Packages in 2019

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UPS logo

We’ve covered all of the other popular package services, now we’ll show you where you can track UPS packages.

Happy Holidays from Everyone at The Mac Observer

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Enjoy the holiday season!

Regardless of the holiday you’re celebrating, The Mac Observer hopes this weekend is a wonderful time for you, and that you get to take a day or two off to relax. We’re taking Tuesday off, but we’ll be back on Wednesday, December 26th, with our iPhone, iPad, and Mac coverage, along with a fresh TMO Daily Observations episode, too.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Happy holidays from The Mac Observer

3 Ways to Track Santa for the 2018 Holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner, and kids are wondering what Santa has been up to, or when he’ll deliver to their house.

Watch Apple's New Short Film: Share Your Gifts This Holiday Season

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Apple has released a short film for the holiday season. Called ‘Share Your Gifts’, it depicts the frustrations of Sofia – a  creative young woman who hides her work away until…well, let’s just say her dog intervenes. The film is accompanied by the track “Come out and play” by Billie Eilish. Apple has also released a ‘Making Of’ video, detailing how Sofia came to life. It shows how ‘Share your Gifts’ was made using a combination of CG characters and real-world sets.

Twitter Launches its Own 'John Lewis' Advert

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John Lewis Twitter Advert

LONDON – Everyone in the UK knows that the holiday season officially starts when the John Lewis department store launches its Christmas advert. This year’s offering stars Sir Elton John, no less. However, for one man, the advert’s arrival is not so joyous. Meet @JohnLewis – a computer science educator from Blacksburg, Virginia. As his Twitter bio points out, Mr. Lewis is “not a retail store.” Despite this, every year Mr. Lewis is inundated with Tweets telling him how great his holiday advert is. To his credit, he gamely replies to all of them. This time around, Twitter UK gave him his own one.

Apple Holiday Returns and Refunds Now in Effect

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Items purchased at the Apple Online Store that are received between November 14, 2018 and December 25, 2018, may be returned through January 8, 2019.

Happy Holidays from TMO!

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Enjoy the holiday season!

Happy holidays from The Mac Observer! We’re taking December 25th off, but we’ll be back on Tuesday, December 26th with our usual Apple and tech world coverage.