Think Apple Watch Is Expensive? This Watch Costs up to $500,000

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So you’re looking at Apple Watch pricing and thinking to yourself, wow, those are pricey! Here’s a watch that might give you a new perspective on what expensive really is. BusinessInsider has a video look at the Bovet Récital 22 Grand Récital, available in Red Gold ($450,000) or Platinum ($500,000). It’s the complications, not the materials, that make it expensive, as this watch has 700 working parts, some of the rarest complications, and takes forever to make. I love mechanical timepieces, and while this one is extreme just to be extreme, it’s beautiful and amazing. It’s also limited to 60 pieces, so get your order in when you can. [Via Digg]

Hodinkee Does the Watch-Lover's Interview with Sir Jony Ive

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Sir Jony Ive of Apple

Check out this great interview with Sir Jony Ive by Hodinkee‘s Benjamin Clymer. It’s essentially the watch-lover’s interview with Jony Ive. Here’s a snippet:

A publicist makes his way toward the rope – yes, it’s velvet – and straightens the post to which it is attached. He looks at it once more, and adjusts it again. It all feels very natural. The elevator bank opens and Jony strides off. He swiftly passes the twice-considered rope and is greeted by the team. I go in for a hearty handshake. But as with each time I converse with this man who has designed much of the world around us, I stumble at his kindness. “So nice to see you, Ben.”

Beautifully written, this interview includes annotations by Mr. Clymer to explain why he asked what he asked. And all of it is a piece by a fine timepiece enthusiast for fine time piece enthusiasts. One of the tidbits I found particularly interesting is that Jony Ive said he never talked about watches with Steve Jobs, and that the Apple Watch was first discussed a few months after his passing. This is a great interview.