CES – Advanced S2000 Dynamic On-stage In-ear Monitors at Budget Price

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LAS VEGAS – Kickstarter darling Advanced Sound has just released a set of universal fit, dynamic driver earphones built for musicians to use as in-ear monitors for just US$24.99 per pair. The Advanced S2000 features a single 10mm dynamic in each earpiece, and they’re designed to loop the cable over the ear to stay in place on stage. The low price point is intentional: they know that musicians wind up getting their in-ear cables pulled or earphones crushed in a gig bag, and their thought is to make them inexpensive enough that one doesn’t worry about replacement costs. The sound? I haven’t tried them on stage, but I did try them in my hotel room and on the show floor. They have a great sound with a high-mid boost that actually matches what I prefer for on-stage. That lift gives vocals a little more presence, and is exactly what you want. For $24.99, these will remain in my gig bag as spares or a rehearsal set, for sure. If you just want to listen to music, the original $39.99 M4 would likely be a better choice, as the EQ is a little smoother for that purpose.

CES – Advanced S2000 Dynamic On-stage In-ear Monitors at Budget Price

Boxing Day with Your Two Favorite Geeks – Mac Geek Gab 689

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Recurring Keychain authorization requests bugging you? iMessages out of order? Want to know what to do with your dead drives? This is just where your two favorite geeks start this week’s episode. Then it’s on to a headphone and earphone discussion, including some talk about letting ambient sound in, and letting someone else listen in on your bluetooth connection! Cool Stuff Found rounds out the show. Press play, listen, and learn! Oh, and enjoy, too.