Instagram Lets People Add Music to Stories

Instagram announced Thursday that users can now add music to their Stories, the temporary videos borrowed from Snapchat. Users will be able to select a song, searching by name, mood, genre, and other criteria. Once selected, users can scrub through it to find the part that matches their video, and then post it. Users can also choose a song before starting a live video. So far, you can only select from a limited library of songs chosen (and paid for) by Instagram. The company said it was adding more songs to that library “daily.” Go forth. Influence.

Can Social Media Be Humane, Smartwatch Diabetes Detection, and Nice Apple Content - ACM 448

Can social media be “humane,” or is the push for addictive platforms just par for the course? Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet discuss The Center for Humane Technology’s push for reform. They also talk about Cardiogram’s ability to detect diabetes from Apple Watch activity data, and they talk about Apple’s penchant for avoiding dark and edgy content.

This Wallpaper Is the Best Use of the iPhone X Notch Yet

Yeah, I think Kelly Guimont just won the Internets. Maybe two of them, because check out this wallpaper on an iPhone X she posted to Instagram. That has to be the absolutely very best use of the iPhone X notch we’ll ever see. Enjoy!

Not everyone calls it the #notch you know. Some call it the #unibrow. #iphonex

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