Apple Registers New Macs, Yelp's Victory, and the Future of Cars - ACM 469

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It seems Apple has registered 5 new Macs and iPads with a European regulatory agency. Better yet, the operating systems tagged to go with these not-yet-announced devices suggests they could come soon. Bryan Chaffin adn Jeff Gamet also discuss why you should be happy Yelp won a major court fight, regardless of whether you like Yelp. For their third segment, they take on viewer questions about this so-called car revolution.

How to Use Screen Time in iOS 12

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iOS 12 Screen Time settings

iOS 12 makes it easier to manage how much time you spend each day gaming, surfing social networks, and watching movies on your iPhone or iPad. You need to use the new Screen Time feature, and it’s easy to set up.

Check Out This AR Business Card Concept

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iOS developer Oscar Falmer tweeted a video of an AR business card concept. It shows someone holding up a business card of Oscar, and content like a website link, twitter link, buttons for contact, and a timeline of recent work appears in mid-air around the business card. There is so much potential in augmented reality, and companies like Apple are just getting started. iOS 12 will bring even more AR goodness with ARKit 2.0.

Check Out This AR Business Card Concept