iOS 14 Reveals Facebook Spying on Your Camera Through Instagram

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Surveillance camera

Facebook is being accused of accessing peoples’ cameras through Instagram, thanks to a iOS 14 feature that tells you when your camera is active.

Facebook denied the reports and blamed a bug, which it said it was correcting, for triggering what it described as false notifications that Instagram was accessing iPhone cameras.

In the complaint filed Thursday in federal court in San Francisco, New Jersey Instagram user Brittany Conditi contends the app’s use of the camera is intentional and done for the purpose of collecting “lucrative and valuable data on its users that it would not otherwise have access to.”

Facebook: “It’s a bug because you weren’t supposed to know we were doing this.”

Readdle’s Apps are Ready for iOS 14 Features

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Readdle is ready for iOS 14, having recently updated its suite of apps for iOS 14. Spark, Documents, Calendars, Scanner Pro, and PDF Expert are all set. Here are some new things. Documents: Widgets for recent and favorite files, music, and file actions; picture-in-picture on iPhones. PDF Expert: Scribble for Apple Pencil; widgets for recents and favorite PDFs; faster folder navigation. Calendars: Widgets for events, tasks, and conference calls; faster search for events; create events with your voice. Scanner Pro: Widgets for important documents and fast scanning; search through OCRed text with Spotlight; annotate your scans. Spark: Set Spark as your default email app; widgets for important emails and calendar; OAuth support for Office 365 accounts.

News Publishers Consider Abandoning iOS Over Privacy Feature

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Over at The Verge, Casey Newton wrote about the increasingly heated battle between Apple and advertisers. There are a couple of tidbits I wanted to comment on.

If you believe that free, ad-supported news is beneficial to a healthy democracy, it’s worth noting that all these pro-privacy changes come at a cost.

Free is great, free news is greater, and transparency is greatest. I believe discussing a healthy democracy involves advocating for open source software, which would necessitate a stance against Apple. So I don’t disagree, and as Mr. Newton notes, we need strong privacy laws as well. He also shares an interesting link to Vox, in which some news publishers are considering abandoning iOS if they can’t monetize their users.

iOS 14 Will Cut Facebook Ad Revenue in Half

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Facebook shared a blog post on Wednesday in which it reveals that advertising revenue generated through its Audience Network tool could drop to 50%.

Apple Releases iOS 14 Developer Beta 6

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Today Apple released iOS 14 developer beta 6 for iPhones, seeding only a week after iOS beta 5, reflecting the OS stability.