Roll a Variety of Dice Right From Your iPhone

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Sometimes you want to play a game that involves a die you don’t have, or you might just need to roll a variety of dice in succession like for RPG characters. Enter Dice by PCalc, courtesy of James Thomson. For US $1.99 in the App Store, you can roll from a D4 to a D100, save presets, and on iPad use split screen to roll for another app. Choose your set of dice and the dark or light table and you’re all set for adventures, whether they include dragons, dungeons, demigorgons, or other things that start with D.

Roll a Variety of Dice Right From Your iPhone

You Scratch Your Head, I’ll Scratch Mine – Mac Geek Gab 643

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Cool Stuff Found kicks off this week’s show, with email clients, Wi-Fi Widget(s), combo iPhone/Watch chargers, disk utilities and much, much more. Then, after a few additional tips from you, dear listeners, it’s time for your questions. Topics this week include comparing local vs. Cloud storage for things like your music, videos and documents; memory interleaving and when to use it; solving corrupt user accounts that won’t login; and solving the issues with web pages that are slow to load. Press play and enjoy!