Trimming the iPhone App Fat — Mac Geek Gab 869

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

What’s the best way to remove all those iPhone apps you downloaded once and never use anymore? Listen as John and Dave answer this and many other helpful questions to make your electronic lives easier! Extending an iMac’s life, calibrating your TV, fiber internet, and more are the subjects your two favorite geeks dig through. Add in some Cool Stuff Found and you’re guaranteed to learn at least five new things just from pressing play!

Mintegral Denies Malware Allegations

· Jeff Butts · News

Mintegral denies malware allegations

The software development company says the malware allegations against its advertising kit are false, and that even Apple agrees.

Many iPhone App Ads Hide Malware

· Jeff Butts · News

When you think about malware in an app, do you think about your iPhone? Start thinking about it, because ads hide malware in 1,200 apps.