New Keyboard ‘Typewise’ Claims 80% Fewer Typos

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Typewise is a new keyboard that claims to reduce typos by 80% thanks to its hexagonal design. The developers invited me to test the app, and while there is a learning curve it does have a tutorial to follow. I haven’t given up the default keyboard though, but if you’re looking for an alternative I recommend you at least try Typewise out.

Typewise has been completely redesigned to provide an optimal typing experience on the smartphone. The layout was optimized for typing with two thumbs, because, according to the Cambridge study, 74% of users write this way and achieve the highest typing speed. Two space buttons placed in the middle of the keyboard allow these most frequently used keys to be reached as easily as possible.

This Concept Imagines Using a Touch Bar on iOS

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Developer Eyad Murshid created an interesting concept yesterday. It imagines what a Touch Bar on iOS would look like. It’s called AccessoryTouchBar, and I personally like it. Although, having a Touch Bar and the predictive text bar would take up a lot of room, so maybe they could be merged. In any case, head over to GitHub and check it out. There are GIFs that show it in action. Touch Bar on the Mac seems to be lets you perform certain functions and third-party apps can add their own functionality to it. If third-party apps on iOS could modify the Touch Bar, we could see some Cool Stuff™.

This Concept Imagines Using a Touch Bar on iOS