Reasons Why Developers Prefer Testing on iOS

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There are a variety of reasons why many developers prefer to launch and test their apps on iOS instead of Android. Screenrant broke down some of them, including the benefits of the greater control and uniformity found in Apple’s system.

There are many reasons why developers tend to prefer iOS over Android with a commonly suggested one being that iOS users are more likely to spend on apps than Android users. However, the locked down user base is a far more basic and important reason from the developer perspective. With iOS, developers gain access to a significant number of users and on a limited number of devices. This combination lends itself very well to apps that are still in an early and beta testing state. Essentially, the level of control developers have over the iOS experience is far greater than with Android, and that’s likely to make a significant difference when deciding which operating system to launch on first.

iOS App ‘Opera Touch’ Rebrands as Opera Browser

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In version 3.0.0 of its app, the iOS app Opera Touch has rebranded as Opera, the same name as its desktop brother. Featuring a new look on iOS, Opera introduces a modern UI, keeping its minimalist design and the powerful features that Apple users love. Users will initially notice a shift on their devices’ app icon where red becomes the new purple. The revamp of the user interface in Opera also unveils a neater and flatter design that gives the browser a more refined appearance than before. The new-look replaces the diagonal background pattern, initially introduced into Opera Touch, with flat surfaces and removing shadows on bubbles and other elements. New icons have been added in the bottom bar and the Fast Action button. There are plenty of other new feature added, so download it to take a look.

iOS App ‘Opera Touch’ Rebrands as Opera Browser

UPERFECT 15.6" Portable Monitor: $204.99

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We have a deal on the UPERFECT 15.6″ Portable Monitor. It features an LCD HDR screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, and it has built-in quad speakers. It also supports USB-C, Mini HD, PD, and Micro USB ports, and is compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux, as well as Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Rasberry Pi. This device is $204.99 through our deal.

47,000 iOS Apps Have Misconfigured Cloud Servers

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Researchers at Zimperium analyzed 1.3 million Android and iOS apps to detect common cloud misconfigurations. They found that nearly 84,000 Android apps and 47,000 iOS apps have errors.

The researchers found almost 84,000 Android apps and nearly 47,000 iOS apps using public cloud services—like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure—in their backend as opposed to running their own servers. Of those, the researchers found misconfigurations in 14 percent of those totals—11,877 Android apps and 6,608 iOS apps—exposing users’ personal information, passwords, and even medical information.

‘Clean Text’ From ApiMac is the Closest Tool to TextEdit for iOS

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I believe Clean Text is the purest expression of plain text editing for iPhones and iPads, like TextEdit on Mac. I’ve been gradually transitioning my notes into plain text. I still use Apple Notes for its rich text and support for images. But plain text is a great backup solution. Clean Text doesn’t try to force you into its own note-taking paradigm; in fact it’s not a traditional note-taking app at all. Unlike other note-takers I’ve used, Clean Text, as the name suggests, cleans your text. It has tools to fix line breaks, join paragraphs, remove empty lines, replace tabs with spaces, and lots more. When you’re done you can copy the text to another app or export it to Files. One note at a time without a subscription or in-app purchase. One up front purchase of US$0.99. I created a shortcut that copies text from the input (share a plain text file to it) and opens Clean Text where you can paste it. Good for quickly editing a text file from Files.

‘Clean Text’ From ApiMac is the Closest Tool to TextEdit for iOS

Updates Ahoy! – TMO Daily Observations 2021-01-27

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Charlotte Henry and Andrew Orr join host Kelly Guimont to discuss why the latest iOS update is very important to install, and a look ahead at earnings.

Fender Tune Guitar App Player Pack Currently Free in iOS App Store

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Fender Tune

The Player Pack on the Fender Tune App is currently free in the iOS App Store (and the Android Play Store.) This Pro version normally costs $4.99, so thanks for the spot MusicRadar!  The pack includes access to the Pro Tuner, thousands of chords to learn, scales, 65 Drum Beats to play along to, and Metronome. You can also sign-up using Sign in with Apple.

This iOS Shortcut Gives You Permanent Low Power Mode

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iOS has a feature called Low Power Mode you can turn on to conserve your battery life. It automatically turns off once your battery capacity reaches 80% but you can keep it on with a shortcut. Or rather, an automation. It’s simple to do because it only uses one action. This is especially helpful for older iPhones whose battery life has shortened.

Ending the Year: My Top 3 Favorite Apps of 2020

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Icons of favorite 2020 apps

2020 is finally drawing to a close. As we get ready to (safely) celebrate Andrew wanted to take a moment to share his top three favorite apps.

Latest iOS Beta Brings Google Stadia to Apple Devices

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Google Stadia is heading to iOS a year after it launched, according to The Verge, meaning users can finally access their games on Apple devices. It’s coming via the latest mobile web beta for the iPhone and iPad.

Google, like other competing cloud services, is using mobile Safari due to Apple’s restrictions on cloud gaming apps that mean platforms like Stadia can’t exist in their current form on the App Store. You can access Stadia through its website on Safari or by creating a home screen icon that will turn the service into a progressive web app, so it acts almost identically to a native one. Unlike Nvidia’s GeForce Now or the planned mobile web version of Microsoft’s xCloud, however, Google Stadia has a free tier without restrictions and now offers two free-to-play games available (Destiny 2 and Super Bomberman R), with more to come. That means anyone with a Gmail account looking to try Stadia can give it a shot on an iPhone or iPad with minimal effort.