Check Out This AR Business Card Concept

iOS developer Oscar Falmer tweeted a video of an AR business card concept. It shows someone holding up a business card of Oscar, and content like a website link, twitter link, buttons for contact, and a timeline of recent work appears in mid-air around the business card. There is so much potential in augmented reality, and companies like Apple are just getting started. iOS 12 will bring even more AR goodness with ARKit 2.0.

WhenWorks for the iPhone Makes Scheduling Appointments Easy

Scheduling time for meetings can be a pain, but WhenWorks for iOS makes the process easy by letting your colleagues and clients book times online. The book online through a web page, so no need for them to install an app first, you can block out times you don’t want any appointments, and everything that’s scheduled automatically shows up on your calendar. WhenWorks is from BusyMac founder John Chaffee and we’ve been really happy with the app in our pre-release testing. It’s easy to use and free for up to 5 appointments each month, or US$49.99 a year for unlimited appointments. You can download WhenWorks at Apple’s App Store.