A Review of iPhone 12 Pro Max Photography

The developers behind camera app Halide examined the iPhone 12 Pro Max photography, as well as that of the iPhone 12 mini.

We had an advanced look at the Pro Max specs, but to recap, it has: A 47% larger sensor A faster ƒ/1.6 lens; A brand-new ‘sensor shift’ stabilization system for low-light; ISO sensitivity is 87% higher; A new telephoto lens, reaching a new length of 65mm (full-frame equivalent)

I’ve been under the impression that the iPhone 12 Pro also had the bigger sensor, but it sounds like it’s limited to the Pro Max. Now I’m sad.

An iPhone 12 mini Teardown is Here

The iPhone 12 mini and Pro Max became available Friday. iFixit has published its teardown of the smaller device.

The two most common smartphone repairs—display and battery—are well-prioritized here. Most major components are modular enough to be accessed/replaced independently. Specialized screws complicate repairs, but remain preferable to overuse of glue. Waterproofing measures make many repairs more difficult, but safeguard against (extremely difficult) water damage repairs.  Glass covering the rear housing is fragile and impractical to replace—a single drop could necessitate replacing the entire body of the iPhone.

Balloons, Oil, Glow Sticks, Shot on iPhone 12

Apple commissioned a video for its “Shot on iPhone 12” series where Donghoon J. and James T of Incite use common household materials to create abstract art. We start at 00:22 using balloons and the camera’s Slo-Mo, oil and water at 01:40 to show the colors rendered in Dolby Vision, and ending on glow sticks and the camera’s Night mode at 03:00. Like all of these videos, it’s a neat way to show off the iPhone’s capabilities. The song is “Patty Cake” by Captain Planet.